Team Tennis

We enter men’s, ladies, mixed and veterans teams in the county and local leagues throughout the year.
Any members who wish to be considered for matches are strongly encouraged to make themselves known to Robert McGowan and Roselle Beard, and to come along to the team practice evenings.  For captains details email
Please note there are no mandatory age limits on team selection though we would prefer younger players to be at least 13 for ladies teams and 16 for men's teams. 

The current ladies, mixed and men's results and future fixtures can be viewed on the Bucks LTA website (opens in new window)
Mixed Teams 
Beaconsfield 1st 2 pair. Division 2. Robert McGowan & Jane Gilmour
Beaconsfield 2nd 2 pair. Division 5. Susan Sheahan
Men's Teams - Robert McGowan
Beaconsfield 1st 2 pair. Division 1.
Beaconsfield 2nd 2 pair. Division 3.
Beaconsfield 3rd 2 pair. Division 8.
Ladies Teams
Beaconsfield 1st 3 pair. Division 1. Anna Taylor
Beaconsfield 1st 2 pair. Division 1. Susan Glenn
Beaconsfield 2nd 2 pair. Division 3. Roselle Beard
Beaconsfield 3rd 2 pair. Division 4. Susan Sheahan
Beaconsfield 4th 2 pair. Division 8. Rosemary Bennett

Mid Week 1sts. Division 1. Teresa Pender
Mid Week 2nds. Division4. Sheila McKenna

Winter 2016-17 Team Results:
  • Farnham Common league
    • 1st team - WON division 1 which means they won the whole league.  
    • 2nd team - A strong 3rd, missing promotion on sets won/lost
    • 3rd team - Middle of division 3. This team were promoted last winter so remaining in division 3 is a big achievement.
  • Bucks Shield Vets league (some matches still to play)
      • Ladies 1st team division 2 - WON division and promoted 
    • Ladies 2nd team division 4 - WON division and promoted for consecutive year
  • Men's 1st team division 2 - Highest finish (3rd or 4th) in at least 20 years
  • Men's 2nd team division 8 - WON for promotion

Farnham Common Mixed Teams
Beaconsfield 1st 2 pair, Division 1. Valerie Jenkins & Robert McGowan
Beaconsfield 2nd 2 pair, Division 2. Valerie Jenkins & Robert McGowan
Beaconsfield 3rd 2 pair, Division 4. Roselle Beard & Gareth Carlisle

Mixed Teams
Beaconsfield Vets 40+ 2 pair, Division 3. Robert McGowan

Men's Teams 
Beaconsfield 40+ 1st's 2 pair, Division 2. Andrew Hales
Beaconsfield 40+ 2nd's 2 pair, Division 8. Mark Atkins
Ladies Teams
Beaconsfield 1st 2 pair, Division 2. Laura Merritt
Beaconsfield 2nd 2 pair, Division 4. Teresa Pender
Beaconsfield 3rd 2 pair, Division 7. Kate Eveleigh
Ladies Supavets 50+ Division 2. Carolyn Spittle
Ladies Supavets 60+ Division 1. Susan Sheahan

Mid Week Autumn Ladies Teams
Mid Week 1sts. Division 1. Alison Clifford-King
Mid Week 2nds. Division 3. Sheila McKenna & Tanya Hales

Mid Week Winter Ladies Teams
Mid Week 1sts. Division 1. Alison Clifford-King
Mid Week 2nds. Division 3. Liz Smallwood



BTC Mens 1st team v Chesham Bois