Summer Season Results and Reports

Men’s Captain – Robert McGowan
We field four teams in the Bucks Shield, two 3-pair teams and two 2-pair teams. Overall, 24 matches were played: Won (W) 11, Drawn (D) 2, Lost (L) 11. Compared with last year, we have lost five good players, but we did welcome back Andrew and James Garman with open arms!  In addition Ben Evans, a new member, shows major promise, and Kristian Merritt’s game has improved significantly. I would particularly like to thank Andrew Garman who played ten matches,  Kristian who helped out on a number of occasions, and Andrew Hales who was the only player omnipresent in the first team. 
We also field one mixed side in the top Bucks division.   Overall results: W1, D2, L2.  Seventeen different players were involved in these matches, and I would particularly like to thank Andrew Hales, Andrew Garman, Deirdre Cope and Fiona Brown who, on what should have been a balmy June evening, struggled through the rain and darkness to secure the win in our opening match which ultimately secured our position in the top division for another season. Many thanks to all who have played in the teams, and to those who have also come along to make Wednesday evenings fun.

Ladies Captain – Susan Glenn
The team captains have done an excellent job this season. They collaborated magnificently and I’m sure the all ladies in our club really appreciated their efforts, as they ensured we all had a thoroughly enjoyable season in spite of the challenges we faced. It’s been a difficult one due to injuries, and the second and third teams were probably in the wrong divisions. This must have been de-motivational, but everybody playing always gave it their all, and produced some respectable results along the way. The first team had three victories and will remain in the first division, so well done to them! The two pair teams also produced good results. Next year I think we should field two 3-pair teams and three 2-pair teams, as several players have indicated a preference for playing in a 2-pair team, and playing four sets instead of six.

1st team 3-pair Div 1B - Captain Fiona Brown - W3, L3.
Our toughest opposition was at the start of the season, with Aylesbury having just come down  from the Premier division. As is often the case, availability and injury played a part in team selection and pairings, but team spirit was good and gradually our results got better. This was the first time that Alison Clifford-King, Anna Taylor and Jackie Martin had played in the 1st team, and they can all be proud of the part they played in our success. Take heart – often it's the odd set won by the second or third pair that can make the difference between winning and loosing! It‘s no coincidence that we do well when Emily Martin is in the team – she is playing particularly well and is a great asset to the club. Her partnership with Fiona Phillips gave us a chance of winning our last three matches. First team “regulars” - Susan Glenn, Ann Love, and Deirdre Cope – all bring experience and determination to the team. I would like to congratulate all the players on our success this season - we can build on this next year!

2nd team 3-pair Div 1A - Captain Heather Thomas - D1, L5.
We always knew that this summer’s season of matches would be challenging, as we had found ourselves in the first division for the first time. Unfortunately, an added dimension was that some of our key players sustained injuries right at the beginning of the season, and remained injured throughout. However, we managed to retain a high morale on the whole, despite being out-played most of the time, and we did put up some goods fights and took some sets. We managed a draw in one match, but lost the remainder. Thanks to core members of the 2nd team – Teresa Pender, Wendy Mason, Mandy Bartholomew, Ros Hole, Sarah Wilding, Susan Sheahan and Maggie Todhunter – and to players from the other teams who stepped in when needed. I’m grateful to all who played – for their efforts and goodwill. Hopefully, next season we will get the opportunity to play to our full potential!

3rd team 3-pair Div 2A - Captain Jackie Martin - L6.
Competing in this division, our ladies in the third team have been magnificent. Despite being pitched against other clubs’ champions and first team players, who played down early in the season, we managed to win at least one game for every three played. If there had been a competition for being the best and most cheerful hosts, Beaconsfield would have won hands down! I’d like to thank all ladies for their generosity and efforts, and for the 318 games we did win: Lucy Arnold, Laura Bennett, Rosemary Bennett, Anna Carter-Roberts, Louise Fewster, Jan Godden, Tanya Hales, Alison Hurst, Marj Kai, Adelle Powell, Sue Sheahan, Maggie Todhunter, Jill Walters, and Sarah Wilding. Well done, everyone!

1st team 2-pair Div 1 - Captain Heather Mellersh - W3, D2, L2.
The new 2-pair format is a great opportunity for those of us who can no longer stay upright for six sets to still play competitive league matches. We generally had two or three regular players – Joy Johnson and Ros Hole - supplemented by one or two from other teams. Matches were mostly very enjoyable, except the first one played at Widmer End's wind-tunnel!

Ladies 2nd team 2-pair Div 4- Captain Lucy Arnold - W1, D3, L2.
Overall, we did better than last year, which is great. Thanks to everyone who played - Jan Godden, Maria Brothers, Pat Edwards, Sheila McKenna, Marj Kai, Anita Briden, Sue Ebbutt and Sarah Wilding.