Juniors & Intermediates


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Boys Competition

Girls Draw

Jonathan Turney represented the Club at the County Finals. He came 9th winning 3 out of 4 matches.

Well done to him.


Congratulations to all the players who have represented the Club over the past three months in The Aegon Team Tennis matches. We have had a good season.

A special mention to the U10 Mixed Div 1 team, the U14 Girls Div 2 team and the U18 Girls Div 2 team who all won their leagues. Well done.

 U8 Mixed Div 2

 4th place

PointsPlayedRubbersSetsSets %GamesGames %
1Farnham Common 8&U Red5332-1616-866.7%16-866.7%
2Wraysbury 8U Red B5330-1815-962.5%15-962.5%
3Burnham 8&U Mxd Red2320-2810-1441.7%10-1441.7%
4Beaconsfield 8&U Mxd Red0314-347-1729.2%7-1729.2%

U9 Mixed Div 1

4th place

PointsPlayedRubbersSetsSets %GamesGames %
1Halton 9&U Orange A6354-655-1183.3%55-1183.3%
2GX Bul Lane 9&U Orange A6466-1470-1879.5%70-1879.5%
3GX Bul Lane 9&U Orange B2216-2414-2140.0%14-2140.0%
4Beaconsfield 9&U Mxd Orange2312-4816-5024.2%16-5024.2%
5Wraysbury 9&U Orange A0412-6811-6614.3%11-6614.3%

U10 Mixed Div 1

1st Place

PointsPlayedRubbersSetsSets %GamesGames %
1Beaconsfield 10&U Mxd A6332-433-684.6%135-6766.8%
2Chesham Bois 10&U Green A4320-1620-1754.1%110-8855.6%
3Halton 10&U Green B2314-2215-2240.5%86-11243.4%
4Great Missenden 10&U Green036-307-3018.9%72-13634.6%

U10 Mixed Div 2

2nd place

PointsPlayedRubbersSetsSets %GamesGames %
1Wooburn Park 10&U Green8424-024-292.3%95-2479.8%
2Beaconsfield 10&U Mxd B6416-818-966.7%82-4465.1%
3Penn & Tylers 10&U Green4410-1410-1638.5%51-7839.5%
4Burnham 10&U Mxd Green2410-1413-1448.1%67-6650.4%
5Wraysbury 10U Green040-240-240.0%14-9712.6%

U12 Boys Div 1

2nd place

PointsPlayedRubbersSetsSets %GamesGames %
1GX Bul Lane 12&U Boys B8444-446-492.0%281-9275.3%
2Beaconsfield 12&U Boys A6436-1237-1472.5%250-12866.1%
3Great Missenden 12&U Boys4422-2623-2746.0%173-18648.2%
4Hambleden 12&U Boys2410-3811-3922.0%114-24531.8%
5Wraysbury 12&U Boys048-409-4217.6%93-26026.3%

U12 Boys Div 2

2nd place

PointsPlayedRubbersSetsSets %GamesGames %
1Penn & Tylers 12&U Boys B8420-421-677.8%133-7364.6%
2Beaconsfield 12&U Boys B4414-1014-1253.8%112-10551.6%
3Wooburn Park 12&U Boys4410-1411-1542.3%100-12344.8%
4Burnham 12&U Boys A248-1610-1638.5%102-12045.9%
5Stoke Poges 12&U Boys248-1610-1737.0%98-12444.1%

U12 Girls Div 2

5th place

PointsPlayedRubbersSetsSets %GamesGames %
1Wraysbury 12&U Girls8626-1027-1171.1%167-8167.3%
2GX Bull Lane 12&U Girls6318-018-194.7%107-2680.5%
3Penn & Tylers 12&U Girls4310-810-855.6%62-6548.8%
4Milton Keynes 12&U Girls438-108-1142.1%55-8339.9%
5Beaconsfield 12&U Girls4410-1412-1544.4%104-10051.0%
6Chesham Bois 12&U Girls032-162-1611.1%29-9623.2%
7Burnham 12&U Girls044-205-2020.0%52-12529.4%

U14 Boys Div 1

6th place 

PointsPlayedRubbersSetsSets %GamesGames %
1GX Bul Lane 14&U Boys A10652-2054-2370.1%371-23960.8%
2Iver Heath 14&U Boys8647-2653-2964.6%383-25659.9%
3Wooburn Park 14&U Boys A8643-3131-3646.3%225-27545.0%
4Milton Keynes 14&U Boys6531-3033-3151.6%284-25053.2%
5Stony Stratford 14&U Boys4526-3427-2650.9%175-20446.2%
6Beaconsfield 14&U Boys2625-5031-5336.9%271-34544.0%
7Great Missenden 14&U Boys2620-5324-5530.4%236-37638.6%

U14 Girls Div 2B  

1st place

PointsPlayedRubbersSetsSets %GamesGames %
1Beaconsfield 14&U Girls8420-420-774.1%99-6560.4%
2Penn & Tylers 14&U Girls B6414-1015-1157.7%119-9954.6%
3Aylesbury 14&U Girls4416-818-869.2%92-6658.2%
4GX Dukes Wood 14&U Girls248-169-1734.6%67-8942.9%
5Marlow 14&U Girls042-223-2212.0%49-10731.4%

U16 Boys Div 2

2nd place

PointsPlayedRubbersSetsSets %GamesGames %
1Iver Heath 16&U Boys10528-228-390.3%165-6870.8%
2Beaconsfield 16&U Boys8525-524-582.8%152-7567.0%
3Burnham 16&U Boys A6517-1316-1551.6%121-11451.5%
4Chesham Bois 16&U Boys B458-2210-2429.4%105-16538.9%
5Prestwood 16&U Boys B044-207-2025.9%84-11741.8%
6Penn & Tylers 16&U Boys C'042-224-2215.4%52-14027.1%

U16 Girls Div 2

3rd place

PointsPlayedRubbersSetsSets %GamesGames %
1GX Bul Lane 16&U Girls6420-420-580.0%130-7463.7%
2Chesham Bois 16&U Girls6416-817-965.4%119-7561.3%
3Beaconsfield 16&U Girls6520-1022-1264.7%154-11557.2%
4Haddenham 16&U Girls6518-1219-1555.9%143-13052.4%
5Aylesbury 16&U Girls4510-2012-2037.5%125-13647.9%
6Wooburn Park 16&U Girls050-301-303.2%36-17716.9%

U18 Girls Div 2

1st place

PointsPlayedRubbersSetsSets %GamesGames %
1Beaconsfield 18&U Girls6316-216-288.9%103-4271.0%
2Princes Risborough 18&U Girls228-48-561.5%58-4954.2%
3High Wycombe 18&U Girls234-146-1430.0%57-8839.3%
4Burnham 18&U Girls022-102-1115.4%25-6428.1%