Juniors & Intermediates


This year, it was decided to follow the recommendations from the LTA and hold the RTW competition on one afternoon. Unfortunately the afternoon was initially cloudy and then wet and cold. Only a small number of boys turned up so a Fast4Tennis competition was held whereby all the players played each other,  the winner  of each match being the first one to get to four games. 

There were some amazing rallies and some of the matches still took quite a long time.

The winner was Hugo Dighe, who won all his matches. Well done to him. He will now represent the Club at the County Finals in July. We wish him well.


We have entered teams into the Bucks Team Tennis League this summer. The matches will take place between April and July.

The teams are U8's, U9's, U10's, U12 Boys and Girls, U14 Boys and Girls, U18 Boys.

The results will follow shortly.

The U12 Boys team at Stony Stratford.


Congratulations to all the players who have represented the Club over the past three months in The Aegon Team Tennis matches. We have had a good season.

A special mention to the U10 Mixed Div 1 team, the U14 Girls Div 2 team and the U18 Girls Div 2 team who all won their leagues. Well done.

 U8 Mixed Div 2

 4th place

PointsPlayedRubbersSetsSets %GamesGames %
1Farnham Common 8&U Red5332-1616-866.7%16-866.7%
2Wraysbury 8U Red B5330-1815-962.5%15-962.5%
3Burnham 8&U Mxd Red2320-2810-1441.7%10-1441.7%
4Beaconsfield 8&U Mxd Red0314-347-1729.2%7-1729.2%

U9 Mixed Div 1

4th place

PointsPlayedRubbersSetsSets %GamesGames %
1Halton 9&U Orange A6354-655-1183.3%55-1183.3%
2GX Bul Lane 9&U Orange A6466-1470-1879.5%70-1879.5%
3GX Bul Lane 9&U Orange B2216-2414-2140.0%14-2140.0%
4Beaconsfield 9&U Mxd Orange2312-4816-5024.2%16-5024.2%
5Wraysbury 9&U Orange A0412-6811-6614.3%11-6614.3%

U10 Mixed Div 1

1st Place

PointsPlayedRubbersSetsSets %GamesGames %
1Beaconsfield 10&U Mxd A6332-433-684.6%135-6766.8%
2Chesham Bois 10&U Green A4320-1620-1754.1%110-8855.6%
3Halton 10&U Green B2314-2215-2240.5%86-11243.4%
4Great Missenden 10&U Green036-307-3018.9%72-13634.6%

U10 Mixed Div 2

2nd place

PointsPlayedRubbersSetsSets %GamesGames %
1Wooburn Park 10&U Green8424-024-292.3%95-2479.8%
2Beaconsfield 10&U Mxd B6416-818-966.7%82-4465.1%
3Penn & Tylers 10&U Green4410-1410-1638.5%51-7839.5%
4Burnham 10&U Mxd Green2410-1413-1448.1%67-6650.4%
5Wraysbury 10U Green040-240-240.0%14-9712.6%

U12 Boys Div 1

2nd place

PointsPlayedRubbersSetsSets %GamesGames %
1GX Bul Lane 12&U Boys B8444-446-492.0%281-9275.3%
2Beaconsfield 12&U Boys A6436-1237-1472.5%250-12866.1%
3Great Missenden 12&U Boys4422-2623-2746.0%173-18648.2%
4Hambleden 12&U Boys2410-3811-3922.0%114-24531.8%
5Wraysbury 12&U Boys048-409-4217.6%93-26026.3%

U12 Boys Div 2

2nd place

PointsPlayedRubbersSetsSets %GamesGames %
1Penn & Tylers 12&U Boys B8420-421-677.8%133-7364.6%
2Beaconsfield 12&U Boys B4414-1014-1253.8%112-10551.6%
3Wooburn Park 12&U Boys4410-1411-1542.3%100-12344.8%
4Burnham 12&U Boys A248-1610-1638.5%102-12045.9%
5Stoke Poges 12&U Boys248-1610-1737.0%98-12444.1%

U12 Girls Div 2

5th place

PointsPlayedRubbersSetsSets %GamesGames %
1Wraysbury 12&U Girls8626-1027-1171.1%167-8167.3%
2GX Bull Lane 12&U Girls6318-018-194.7%107-2680.5%
3Penn & Tylers 12&U Girls4310-810-855.6%62-6548.8%
4Milton Keynes 12&U Girls438-108-1142.1%55-8339.9%
5Beaconsfield 12&U Girls4410-1412-1544.4%104-10051.0%
6Chesham Bois 12&U Girls032-162-1611.1%29-9623.2%
7Burnham 12&U Girls044-205-2020.0%52-12529.4%

U14 Boys Div 1

6th place 

PointsPlayedRubbersSetsSets %GamesGames %
1GX Bul Lane 14&U Boys A10652-2054-2370.1%371-23960.8%
2Iver Heath 14&U Boys8647-2653-2964.6%383-25659.9%
3Wooburn Park 14&U Boys A8643-3131-3646.3%225-27545.0%
4Milton Keynes 14&U Boys6531-3033-3151.6%284-25053.2%
5Stony Stratford 14&U Boys4526-3427-2650.9%175-20446.2%
6Beaconsfield 14&U Boys2625-5031-5336.9%271-34544.0%
7Great Missenden 14&U Boys2620-5324-5530.4%236-37638.6%

U14 Girls Div 2B  

1st place

PointsPlayedRubbersSetsSets %GamesGames %
1Beaconsfield 14&U Girls8420-420-774.1%99-6560.4%
2Penn & Tylers 14&U Girls B6414-1015-1157.7%119-9954.6%
3Aylesbury 14&U Girls4416-818-869.2%92-6658.2%
4GX Dukes Wood 14&U Girls248-169-1734.6%67-8942.9%
5Marlow 14&U Girls042-223-2212.0%49-10731.4%

U16 Boys Div 2

2nd place

PointsPlayedRubbersSetsSets %GamesGames %
1Iver Heath 16&U Boys10528-228-390.3%165-6870.8%
2Beaconsfield 16&U Boys8525-524-582.8%152-7567.0%
3Burnham 16&U Boys A6517-1316-1551.6%121-11451.5%
4Chesham Bois 16&U Boys B458-2210-2429.4%105-16538.9%
5Prestwood 16&U Boys B044-207-2025.9%84-11741.8%
6Penn & Tylers 16&U Boys C'042-224-2215.4%52-14027.1%

U16 Girls Div 2

3rd place

PointsPlayedRubbersSetsSets %GamesGames %
1GX Bul Lane 16&U Girls6420-420-580.0%130-7463.7%
2Chesham Bois 16&U Girls6416-817-965.4%119-7561.3%
3Beaconsfield 16&U Girls6520-1022-1264.7%154-11557.2%
4Haddenham 16&U Girls6518-1219-1555.9%143-13052.4%
5Aylesbury 16&U Girls4510-2012-2037.5%125-13647.9%
6Wooburn Park 16&U Girls050-301-303.2%36-17716.9%

U18 Girls Div 2

1st place

PointsPlayedRubbersSetsSets %GamesGames %
1Beaconsfield 18&U Girls6316-216-288.9%103-4271.0%
2Princes Risborough 18&U Girls228-48-561.5%58-4954.2%
3High Wycombe 18&U Girls234-146-1430.0%57-8839.3%
4Burnham 18&U Girls022-102-1115.4%25-6428.1%