Thoughts from Godwin Johnson - Head Coach and Proprietor
My proudest achievements in life have only come about through the support of the tennis community. This continues to motivate me. My biggest source of pride is not the money I have won in tennis competitions, the scholarships, the titles, or the opportunities that tennis has given me. My induction into the Northwest Missouri State University hall of fame in 2006, as a result of my peers’ recognition of my tennis achievements, means much more to me. I would never have attained this award without the help of the tennis community.

When I took over the BTC, I knew that I would face many challenges but I also setmyself some goals. My main goal is to make the Centre more community focused. I would like to develop tennis programmes that meet the needs of the tennis community, are challenging and are inclusive to all our members. I would also like to create opportunities for members to develop their full potential. Anyone who knows me will be aware that my juniors have a special place in my heart. There is an old African saying, “it takes a whole community to raise a child.” I therefore believe our seniors have a very important role to play in developing our juniors. My vision is for all our senior members to act as role models for our juniors to emulate and to do all we can to provide opportunities to help them achieve their full potential, whatever that may be.

The new Centre will be friendly and inclusive, welcoming all people regardless of their playing standard, age, gender, colour or nationality. Seniors will play an important role by setting good tennis ethics and social standards for the young ones to follow. I would like to create a good environment for members to be free to socialise as well as enjoying their tennis.

Finally, I would like the Centre to be a place where fun is had by all.

Thoughts from Roger Taylor - Committee Chairman
We are now fast approaching the first anniversary of the formation of the Beaconsfield Tennis Centre, an idea for which we have many to thank, but none more so than Godwin and Robert for having the vision to allow change and move tennis forward within the Beaconsfield community. It was a bold step to integrate two different organisations established at different times with naturally different traditions. We have now started that journey and we are together, I believe, making some excellent progress.

There is a lot to do and our vision is significant but in Godwin we have somebody who has an immense desire to succeed whilst having the good of everyone in the club firmly in his mind. In him and his team we have an ever-present asset that most clubs could only wish for, something we will always be able to rely upon in furthering our own club’s ambitions. 

In less than a year, we have almost doubled the membership of the club to over 320 and successfully relaunched men’s night on a Wednesday evening. Whilst we need to work harder to get wider participation and integration, we find ourselves with a good platform to build a healthy, fun and exciting future for all of us. 

We also have significant development plans to enhance and improve our club facilities for everyone. The plans for the next 18 months include a clubhouse extension allowing for new tennis club amenities more compatible for a club of our standing, four tennis courts to be resurfaced, and possibly two small junior courts to enable our champions of tomorrow to enjoy better teaching facilities. 

Most importantly, we have tried to make big steps forward in bringing the club into the world of modern communications. We now have a well-established and well-maintained web site, with regular breaking news and up to date information. We also have most members’ email addresses so that we can make everyone aware of current issues, pending events, tournament and match results and much, much more. These innovations should enable greater participation and involvement in the club and if used eff ectively, should enable us all to help shape its future. 

I would finally like to say a huge thank you to all the committee members and dedicated volunteers who do so much in enabling us all to have so much fun at BTC. Without their help and considerable time none of us would be able to enjoy the club, its facilities and its many events. Many thanks to one and all and have a great year of tennis.

Thoughts from Robert McGowan - President
There is not much more to be said, but for those who love and enjoy tennis, we have a real opportunity to work together in Beaconsfield towards an exciting future. The increase in membership numbers is a good first step, but this needs to be translated into more people coming along to the club sessions.

There has been a step change already with the Men’s Evening led by Steve Doyle and Josh Blattner now playing with full courts, but we really hope to see more of our members, both new and old, on court, in teams, and playing an active part in helping with social events. If anyone has suggestions as to how the overall tennis experience can be improved, please do not hesitate to come forward with ideas.

This is the 50th anniversary of the founding of Beaconsfi eld School of Lawn Tennis, so let’s all pull together to make it a good one.
Enjoy your tennis!