Senior Club Sessions

Tuesday and Friday 10am - 12pm
Senior club sessions are held all year around on Tuesday and Friday mornings from 10am to 12pm.  .
Sunday mornings 10am - 12pm
Sunday mornings are an ideal session for visitors and prospective new members to come along to.

Tuesday night 7pm - 9pm
Ladies night (In summer, focuses on team practice)

Wednesday night 7pm - 9pm
Mens night (In summer focuses on team practice)
Thursday night 7pm - 9pm
These sessions are well attended, with all four club courts in use, even if there's drizzle in the air “Thursday- nighters” are a hardy, cheerful bunch! We have players of various standards, mixing in and having lots of fun, and visitors are always made very welcome.
Thursday night cheese & wine
Our popular evening of mixed doubles play followed by cheese & wine.  All members and prospective new members welcome. Even when we have as many as 28 players turn up, no-one waits too long because we introduce a  "first to win 4 games' set.

Enjoying Bill's BBQ lunch after the tournament on Friday 25th June!