Update on the BSLT acquisition of BLTC

posted 27 May 2010, 05:33 by Kristian Merritt   [ updated 27 May 2010, 05:58 ]
We are making steady progress with our negotiations with Godwin. This summary provides you with an update on the strands of work being undertaken: 

- heads of terms have been agreed and we are beginning work to put these into documentary form

- closing accounts for the period to 31st March 2010 are being prepared by Malcolm Heald

- letters have been sent to Beaconsfield Town Council outlining plans for the Oval and an initial meeting arranged to take place over the next two weeks

- work is underway to register our lease which is a preliminary to arranging it's assignment 
We will keep you up to date with further developments as they arise.

BLTC Committee