Planning permission for the new clubhouse extension

posted 3 Dec 2010, 08:21 by Kristian Merritt   [ updated 3 Dec 2010, 09:42 ]
The plans to extend the current building in order to provide club members with improved facilities – a lounge, a kitchen, a games room for juniors and intermediates, improved changing rooms with showers, and a meeting room – were submitted for planning approval in October. Unfortunately these were rejected due to concerns raised by neighbours – mostly to do with catering facilities and parking. To allay concerns, Godwin has written to neighbours answering all the issues they have raised. He has re-iterated that the new clubhouse extension is for the sole use of tennis members in accordance with the terms of our lease, and suggested that the issue of parking is one that many other businesses in Beaconsfield are faced with at peak times, and that we will manage this sensitively going forward.
Your Support Needed
The appeals process is about to get underway, and there is now an opportunity for all members in favour of the plans for the new clubhouse extension to write a letter of support. In your letter, please try to articulate what this improved tennis facility would mean to you personally, and also your views on the difference it would make to the tennis community here in Beaconsfield. Letters should be delivered to Godwin Johnson or to the office staff at BTC.

They will be collated and then sent to the Planning Inspectorate in support of the planning appeal.
Letters of support for the new clubhouse extension should be addressed to:
The Planning Inspectorate, Registry/Scanning, Room 3/05 Kite Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6PN
Note 1: as mentioned previously do not post your letters at this stage - as without an appeal number
they may not be read – please deliver them to BTC.

Note 2: The plans for the clubhouse extension are available on Beaconsfield Town Council’s website: - look in planning section, ref no: 10/01395/FUL, associated
documents, for Proposed Plans and Elevations, and Proposed Elevations, Sections and Roof Plan.