BTC becomes a reality and membership is on the rise

posted 3 Dec 2010, 08:19 by Kristian Merritt
Negotiations between BLTC and BSLT were successfully completed on 8th August 2010 – the day when BTC became a reality! A tremendous amount of work has gone into getting to this point, reviewing documents and accounts, drawing up legal agreements, and entering into discussions with the town council. Thanks are due to a small team of volunteers working on behalf of club members alongside Godwin – Robert McGowan, Sue Sheahan, Mark Atkins and Malcolm Heald. Godwin is now working closely with new and existing committee members to begin the work to deliver the BTC vision. Already a significant number of new members have joined the club this year – almost 80 in total. Many more are expressing an interest in joining and may come along to club sessions to find out what we can offer them – so please make sure you give them a warm welcome!