Bill's BBQ tournament now Friday 1st July 10.00am

posted 13 Jun 2011, 07:57 by Kristian Merritt
As so many of you could not make it on the 3rd of June we have rearranged the date to hopefully accommodate everyone who wishes to participate in the tennis BBQ of the year (hmmm – apart from Mens' night perhaps?). 

Put into practice your newly learnt skills from attending/watching Wimbledon, Gorge on spicy Cajun sausages from a southern Carolina recipe, delicious New Zealand lamb shoulder steaks soaked in a Victorian garden mint marinade, and succulent local boned chicken thighs coated in a mustard soy honey glaze ( stop dribbling ). Vegetarians are not forgotten tempted with a special Greek BBQ treat ( just ask Eva ). Last but by no means least relax those sore muscles from all the exertions with a glass or two of Spanish wines from Bill's cellar. 

So what's stopping you. Get down to the clubhouse notice board and put your name down or alternatively call Bill on 07778361987 and book in. 

The more, the merrier! 

NB. If that's not enough to tempt you we are ecoli safe with no bean sprouts in the salads.