Chairmans Message

Chairman's Message 2009

Ouch! The year hasn’t started to well for dear old blighty and its residents, has it? If, like me, you are struggling to endure the overhang of the credit munch, global recession for the next 20 years, never ending days of snow and ice and a general feeling of doom and gloom, then may I suggest a good cure? Come down to the club and whack a few balls with passion and desire across the court for an hour or two, let all of that stress and desire to murder your fellow man slowly evaporate until feelings of fellowship and hope are once again restored (albeit temporarily)…… 

Besides the general running of the club and the activities, this year I have tasked the committee with a couple of goals. We shall be simplifying our membership application and fee structure and taking on board some “best practices” from other clubs. In this regard, we will be looking at how we can raise the profile and visibility of the club in the community to attract new members and continue our focus on regeneration and growth. We shall continue to keep members as engaged and informed as possible with a revamping of our website and the continuance of our newsletters, which (based on feedback) appear to have been well received by members over the last year. We shall also continue to host as many social and other functions as feasibly possible this year and welcome your feedback and suggestions in this regard. 

We have now also commenced work on finalising the leases for the club courts with the council and hope to be in a position to start discussions in earnest with Godwin again regarding the future of the tennis school and the tennis club as a combined enterprise. We shall keep you updated with developments in this regard. 

I would like to thank you for your continued support and patronage of the club and I look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks down on court smashing balls all over the place in a desire to de-stress and hone the game into perfect shape for a glorious and successful summer season! 

Mark Atkins 

Chairman BLTC